Choose your Fibre Infrastracture Installer
Wii Connect introducing prepaid fibre to the home services to it’s users. This means users pay only for the months they require the use of their services. You simply create an account with us and pay per use.

Apply via one of the links on the slide once you’ve confirmed the fibre operator at your estate, we will have you up and running ASAP.
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Our Installation Process
With a lead time of 14 working days on average, we will have you up and running ASAP.
Activate your internet service as soon as the installation is completed via our self-service platform.
Awesome Wi‑Fi
A complimentary pre-configured Wi-Fi router will make connecting a breeze.

Prepaid Fibre Offering

Free Installation Options

  • At Wii Coonect - we are able to structure your payments so as to minimize the upfront costs required to get your service installed and running. We understand that some Fibre Network Operators charge a heavy line installation fee, our plan is to help get your connected with minimal disruption to your budget. Talk to us.

Contention Ratio

  • We have more than adequately provisioned for our users on local and international cables. We peer directly at NAP Africa in all the 3 regions locally and also transit to international destinations via the Seacom cable and WACS for redundancy.This means that we can offer contention as low as 10:1 on FTTH lines which is premium for home users.

Unrestricted Usage

  • Our home and business packages are uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled. This means you can use your high-speed fibre line as you wish. Please make sure you've chosen the correct speed for your needs as there are minimum requirements to get the ultimate in user experience.

Local & International Transit

  • Our fibre interconnect POPs are designed to offer the least amount of latency. With our servers located at Teraco Isando (Johannesburg), Teraco Rondebosch (Cape Town) and Teraco Whiteriver (Durban) - We interconnect and peer with most content providers on a near 0ms latency transmission speed.
Why choose
Wii Connect?
Our fibre products have been tried and tested over the years. We have been in the connectivity game for over 10 years and we therefore know what we are doing. We have also invested heavily into ensuring that there is ultimate stability on the network once you are connected. Our mission is to offer you the highest quality offering at a reasonable cost.